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Searches in National Licences via Swissbib

Search through all National Licences here. If you want to access the contents, please register as a private user or proceed to your institution’s network. See below.

How can you access national licences?

Registered private users and authorised non-commercial institutions such as cantonal universities, cantonal libraries and hospitals have access to national licences.
Register as a private user (SWITCH edu-ID) or visit an authorised library

Registration via SWITCH edu-ID
Private users with a permanent address in Switzerland can register for free access. They can then access all national licences via Swissbib .

A video guide is provided here.

Create an account 1. Create a SWITCH edu-ID user account. If you are not forwarded directly to, sign in here with your SWITCH edu-ID account. hier mit Ihrem SWITCH edu-ID Account an.
Accept terms of use 2. Please read and confirm the terms of use for national licences in the Swissbib user account.
Confirm mobile telephone number 3. For immediate access, you can save your mobile telephone number in your SWITCH edu-ID user account. To activate it, you need to confirm the SMS code sent in the SWITCH edu-ID user account. If you now switch to the Swissbib user account, you can click on “Activate my temporary access”, which is only valid for two weeks.
Confirm address 4. To have access to national licences beyond the two-week period, you need to confirm your address in the SWITCH edu-ID. You will receive a confirmation code by post, which you need to activate in the SWITCH edu-ID user account. If you now switch to the Swissbib user account, you can click on “Activate my permanent access”.

Visit an authorised library
As a private user, you can also access the national licences without registering if you are on an authorised institution’s network. To do so, visit one of the authorised libraries (“walk-in user”).

Other options as a private user

As a member of an institution, you have automatic access

If you are on the authorised institution’s network, no registration is necessary.

National licences are embedded in a large number of other search portals. If your institution has integrated national licences in the search portal, you can search for, find and read the academic articles available via the institution’s own platform.

Examples of search portals with integrated national licences:
ETH Zurich’s Knowledge Portal
Universität St.Gallen
Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek (EZB)

Access via Google Scholar

National licences are also available on Google Scholar via direct linking.

1. To use this feature, please click on “Settings” first.

2. Enter “Swiss” into the searchbox and click on the checkbox below under “Swiss Residents”.

3. If you start a search on Google Scholar and find an article from National licences, you can simply click on “Swiss Residents” on the right hand side to access it. Please note that you need a Switch edu-ID in order to access National licences (for the registration proccess, see further above).

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