Il Consorzio organizza ogni anno incontri informativi su tendenze, sviluppi e argomenti legati al mondo dell’editoria scientifica.

Open Access eBooks workshop

Growing Open Access Books

Relatrice: Emily Poznanski

Funding Open Access eBooks

Relatore: Sven Fund


Academic licensing and publishing today

Opening words

Relatore: Wilfried Lochbühler

Contribution of libraries to Open Science

Relatore: Bernhard Mittermaier

Publishing Open Access from researchers’ point of view

Relatori: Daniel Hürlimann, Lawrence Rajendran

Offsetting Deals with publishers

Relatrice: Snježana Ćirković

Big Deals from a University’s point of view

Relatori: Claire Powell, Gerhard Bissels


Text and Data Mining - Discovery of Knowledge in the Digital Age

Potential, Methods and Limitations of Text and Data Mining

Relatore: Prof. Dr. Albert Weichselbraun

Overview of TDM-Clauses in CSAL Agreements

Relatrice: Pascalia Boutsiouci

Open Access - Current trends and future developments

Open Access and Creative Commons licenses

Relatore: Dr. Martyn Rittman

Open Access - Making it work

Relatrice: Frauke Gisela Ralf

Transparency in peer review

Relatrice: Eva Amsen

National Licenses - Backfiles and Archives for Switzerland

National Licenses in Switzerland - Project and Survey Results

Relatrici: Pascalia Boutsiouci, Sabine Friedlein

Ensuring perpetual access to licensed content

LOCKSS (on request)

Relatrice: Victoria Reich

LOCKSS – Test Implementation at the ETH-Bibliothek

Relatori: Matthias Töwe, Michael Ehrismann

Long-Term Preservation – A Publisher’s View (on request)

Relatrice: Heike Klingebiel (Springer)


Nutzungsstatistiken - Theorie und Praxis bei Verlagen und Bibliotheken

Analyser - comparer - décider: SwetsWise Selection Support (on request)

Relatore: Jürgen Stickelberger

Your E-Resource Assessment Service for your Library (on request)

Relatore: Aaron Maierhofer


Beyond Licensing? Library Consortia in the Digital Age

AAI und Shibboleth im Bibliotheksumfeld

Neue Geschäftsmodelle der Verlage

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