Institutional login (Shibboleth)


An “institutional login” enables users to access various e-resources directly from anywhere using their institution’s login data. The institution verifies the user’s access authorisation itself. Registration with the service-provider is no longer required. In Switzerland, SWITCH coordinates this service for Swiss universities in the form of the authentication and authorisation infrastructure SWITCHaai.

To participate in the “web single sign-on” service SWITCHaai, Swiss universities use the open source software Shibboleth, which implements the open standard SAML. For historical reasons, terms like “Shibboleth login” or “Athens login” are still often used in lieu of “institutional login”.

Diverse online resources are already available via AAI. In collaboration with SWITCH, the consortium ideally aims to render all e-resources accessible via Switch’s “institutional login”.

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