The organisation of the consortium and the responsibilities of its bodies are laid down in the regulations passed by the Conference of Swiss University Libraries (KUB). The consortium’s bodies are the Steering Committee, the Extended Board, the project management and the main office. 

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee defines the consortium’s strategic focus. Its members represent the various library and university types, the German and French-speaking parts of Switzerland, and the academic sector. The Steering Committee is subordinate to the KUB and reports to it on its activities.

Name Function/representative of Voting rights
Dr.  Wilfried Lochbühler Präsident, kantonale Universitäten Voting member
Dr. Rafaell Ball Projektleiter, ETH-Bereich Voting member
Dr. Elisabeth Frasnelli stellv. Präsidentin, kantonale Universitäten Voting member
Jeannette Frey kantonale Universitäten Voting member
Dr. Niklaus Landolt kantonale Universitäten Voting member
Dr. Lothar Nunnenmacher ETH-Bereich Voting member
Isabel Dahinden Kammer Fachhochschulen, swissuniversities Voting member
Anita Thurnheer Kammer Pädagogische Hochschulen, swissuniversities Voting member
Pascalia Boutsiouci Leiterin Geschäftsstelle Konsortium Advisory member
Susanna Landwehr Kammer Fachhochschulen, swissuniversities Advisory member
Maurizio Toneatto Staatssekretariat für Bildung, Forschung und Innovation (SBFI / SHK) Advisory member
August Scherer-Hug Kammer Pädagogische Hochschulen, swissuniversities Advisory member
Gabi Schneider swissuniversities Advisory member

Extended Board

The Extended Board is composed of the President and Vice President of the Steering Committee, another member and the project head. The president calls the Extended Board as and when needed.

President: Dr Wilfried Lochbühler, Director of the Main Library at the University of Zurich
Vice President: Dr Elisabeth Frasnelli, Director of the Library at the University of Basel
Project Head: Dr Rafael Ball, Director of the ETH-Bibliothek Zurich
Member of the Extended Board: Jeannette Frey, Director, Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire Lausanne

Project Management & Head Office

 The Project Management with the associated Head Office is responsible for the consortium’s operative business: it organises and coordinates the shared licensing of electronic information resources for Swiss academic libraries and provides various services for its consortium partners. The tasks of the head office are defined in the mission of the consortium adopted by the KUB-CBU and the steering board.

The office also serves as a contact point for academic libraries, organises the flow of information, keeps in regular contact with the libraries and is responsible for PR. Following a request for tenders in the autumn of 1999, Head Office was assigned to ETH-Bibliothek Zurich.

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