About the specialist position

Strengthening the consortium in the area of new models for licencing and publication / Open Access

The specialist position “new models for licencing and publishing / Open Access” was established at the beginning of 2017. The Conference of University Libraries and the program „Scientific Information: Access, processing and safeguarding“ each contribute 50% of funding.

Particular attention is paid to strategies and concepts regarding Open Access and other forms of scientific publications.

Main tasks

The main tasks of the specialist position “new models for licencing and publishing / Open Access” are linked to the aims of the national Open Access strategy and comprise the following priorities:

  • Analysis of national and international developments in the academic publishing market
  • Analysis of the current forms of communication in the academic context, including Open Access
  • Evaluation of new models for licencing, e.g. offsetting-models to avoid “double-dipping”
  • Evaluation of alternative Gold Open Access models
  • Negotiation and introduction of new licencing models, particularly including Open Access components

Further tasks include close cooperation with swissuniversities, the Arbeitskreis Open Access and the Working Group of the Consortium.

“Scientific Information”
Project partner
Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries
Project head
Dr. Rafael Ball, ETH-Library
CHF 188,000

Do you have any questions or suggestions for the project? Please contact us under the following email-address: oa@consortium.ch.

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