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One of the main concerns of the Open Access strategy of swissuniversities are the negotiations with publishers. The Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries will continue to play a significant role in them. To build up the expertise for the upcoming negotiations, the Consortium has established the specialist position ““new models for licencing and publishing / Open Access”. In line with the strategy of swissuniversities the Consortium explores various paths to Open Access.

The green way is a priority in the consortium negotiations. We aim to improve the conditions for the secondary publication.

The Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries is currently assessing possibilities to implement agreements with selected Gold Open Access Publishers.

The negotiations with Springer Nature on Hybrid Open Access will be conducted in cooperation with swissuniversities. The same approach will likely be adopted with Wiley and Elsevier in 2019. The Consortium has also started negotiations with other publishers independently.

The Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries is assessing the possibility of collective memberships with service providers, which are subsumed under Diamond Open Access.

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