Metadata Management

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The goals of the metadata management subproject are the following :

The goal is to sign the contracts in Spring 2016 and have the portal live at the end of 2016.

The metadata management subproject for the National Licences has been allocated in October 2015 to the Swissbib team at the University of Basel.



Main team members


Title Lists

The title lists for National Licences can be found here.


Activation in SFX

Since June 2016, dedicated targets for Swiss National Licences have been available in SFX :

They will be maintained and updated centrally if needed. Therefore we recommend to use these targets.

The content of the targets is based on the KBART titles lists.


Activation in EZB

Under the lead of UZH, Swiss libraries organized themselves to import Swiss national licences packages in EZB. For each package, there is an institution which takes care of the package :

The packages have been available since mid-July 2016. You can find them on the Konsortien webpage, under “Nationallizenzen Schweiz”.

There is an online guide dedicated to the administrators of the Consortium Packages.


Code and technical documentation

You can have a look at the code related to this project and at the internal technical documentation. Both are available online.


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